Mastering Handwriting
at any level

Manuscript & Cursive Curriculum

Teach manuscript/print and cursive at the same time. This new curriculum takes children from prewriting drills before jumping in to letters. ::

Prewriting, Lower- & Uppercase letters, Review Weeks & Vocabulary practice

  • Prewriting is the key to handwriting success.
  • Lower- & Uppercase letters are learned in both manuscript and cursive together.
  • Every 3 letters, there is a review week. Take this time to reinforce what they've learned.
  • Vocabulary practice is included at the end to teach children how to connect letters.

Teach Manuscript & Cursive Together

Studies have shown that teaching cursive handwriting alongside manuscript can actually improve a child's handwriting. Cursive has definite lines and rules to follow, where as little ones tend to get letters mixed up and turned around in manuscript.

​This curriculum goes from prewriting, in the beginning stages of teaching your child how to properly hold a pencil, into manuscript and cursive writing side-by-side.

“Oh my goodness!! [My daughter] is LOVING the handwriting curriculum! I printed out a couple letters for her to try out before we start school and she begged to have all the letters for her name. She has been working hard to write her name in cursive. She's getting close! She's so excited for school to start because she gets to learn more letters and write words in cursive.”  ~Beckie G., Customer
“I have a 10 year old that has poor motor skills due to Autism and I am so excited to use this to help him with his writing. Thank You!”  ~Lori G., Customer

Lines & Shapes

This curriculum starts at the beginning. Whether they know how to hold a pencil correctly or not, they can work on proper technique as well as prewriting lines and shapes.


Manuscript & Cursive

It has been proven that young children learning manuscript and cursive together actually have better handwriting. This curriculum does just that, which only improves their success. 


Review & Vocab Practice

Every 3 weeks, the previous letters will be reviewed. This curriculum also includes vocabulary practice, which can be used during review weeks or at the end of the curriculum.

Some of the activities you will enjoy...

Prewriting lines and shapes help students work on their fine motor skills as they start handwriting

Manuscript & Cursive are taught together on the same page. This way students can see the differences.

Vocabulary words are included at the end of the curriculum in both manuscript and cursive.

 Jamie Spear 



I've been researching brain development and things that have been proven to help with that. One thing was teaching cursive early and even at the same time as print. I didn't really want to have to buy two sets of workbooks to accomplish this, but I searched all over for something and came up empty handed. I began asking in some online groups; and Annette responded she could make something. I was excited because she just saved me mega planning time. I had no idea how thorough, comprehensive and plain awesome it was going to turn out! Not only does she include both print/cursive upper & lower case letters; she also includes complete word practice AND pre-writing templates and information!! You cannot go wrong with Mastering Handwriting at Any Level! We love it!!

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